What we do


Blockchain technology consulting.

We help businesses integrating blockchain technology to their operations and processes bringing secuirty and transparency to the whole ecosystem.

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Marketplace and multi-chain solutions.

We create decentralized NFT marketplaces for businesses looking to mint, trade and sell digital assets, we specialize in cross-chain solutions allowing interoperability between networks.

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dApp development.

Our team designs and develops decentralized blockchain apps and software for many industries.

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Business Metaverse

Development and 3D meets in Stackeum.

We've teamed up with an industry leading 3D character design and animation studio to bring outstanding graphic quality to your business image creating an incredible user experience

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Smart Contracts

Creation, deployment and auditing on private and public blockchains.

We create self-executing smart contracts and deploy them on private or public blockchains.

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Asset tokenization.

We help businesses tokenize practically any asset they want to keep value and transparency. From raw commodities like crops, vines or wine must to finished products like wine bottles or limited edition spirits. 

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We are part of the mastermedia family.